International Veterinary Students Congress in Ankara, Turkey

Dear Colleagues,

   In this Congress, our aim is to discuss one of the fastest emerging health issues of the recent past and near future in a multidisciplinary framework with professionals from various fields.

  Animals are integrated into our lives in every aspect and they hold equal importance in cancer research as people. Many cancer treatments and medical approach techniques were developed by veterinary medicine and have been a guide for human physicians for years and therefore should not be thought separately.         

   Veterinary cancer cases have emerged significantly in accordance with the diversity of species and races. Since these are affected by changes in genetic mechanisms and environmental factors, it is important to discuss cancer with molecular and biotechnological approaches.

  In this context, novel approaches for environment and animal health will be discussed. Endocrine disrupters and emerging contaminants are global concerns, while the newly discovered mechanisms of action unravel their potential for adverse health effects. In this Congress, you will find the link between these environmental pollutants through molecular mechanisms and meet with professionals from various backgrounds.

  Your support and cooperation with our congress, which is held with the participation of experts consulting international companies and foundations, academics from universities all around the world and professional executives, will contribute greatly to our aim. Thank you for your interest in our congress.

With regards,

IVSC Organization Committee

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