International Course on Managing Disease at Wildlife-Livestock interface

The International course on managing disease at the wildlife-livestock interface will take place at the CIHEAM Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Agronomic Studies in Zaragoza, Spain

Given in English with full interpretation into French and Spanish, the course  will involve 10 leading international expert lecturers and is being sponsored by the Spanish Agriculture Ministry.  The week long course will consist of over 30 hours of expert training and will include 15 hours of practical learning sessions, providing one of the most comprehensive expert trainings on this area to date. 

 7 Key reasons to attend this course

 - Understand the relevance and complexity of the wildlife-livestock interface for disease transmission and the main risk factors and impacts.

 - Learn about the epidemiological procedures and tools used to manage animal infections at the wildlife-livestock interface.

 - Receive face to face training from leading international experts in this field.

 - Attain deeper knowledge on infection monitoring, surveillance and management approaches

 - Gain experience in problem solving and decision making in relation to scenarios of shared infections at the wildlife-livestock interface

 - Participate in practical work in surveillance and management, based on case studies and technical visits.

 - Engage and network with both international lecturers and students specializing in disease at the wildlife-livestock interface

You will find the full programme and participation details attached.

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