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Covid-19 et Activités Vétérinaires désignées comme essentielles 24-03-2020
Covid-19 e Atividades Veterinárias designadas como essenciais - Portuguese 24-03-2020
OIE and WVA joint press release: Covid-19 and Designation of Veterinary Work as Essential Business 19-03-2020
COVID-19 y las actividades veterinarias designadas como esenciales Declaración conjunta de la OIE y la AMV 19-03-2020
WVA Factsheet on Animal Welfare in Farmed Fish Production - Rev 1 12-09-2019
WVA Position of Food Security and Nutrition 21-05-2019
WVA Model Veterinarians’ Oath 15-05-2019
Posición de la Asociación Mundial Veterinaria sobre la disponibilidad de productos farmacéuticos veterinarios 19-04-2019
WVA Position Statement on Availability of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals 14-04-2019
WVA Position Statement on Cysticercosis and Cystic Echinococcosis (Hydatidosis) 14-03-2019
The Role of Veterinarians in Aquatic Animal Health 22-11-2018
WVA Position Statement on Implementing Veterinary Continuing Education and Professional Development 15-11-2018
WVA Position Statement on Animal Vaccination for Advancing Animal and Human Health 15-11-2018
Posición de La Asociación Mundial de Veterinaria sobre los Organismos Veterinarios Estatutarios 04-06-2018
Position de l’Association Mondiale Vétérinaire sur les Organes Statutaires Vétérinaires 31-05-2018
WVA Factsheet on Donkey Skin Trade and Donkey Welfare 11-04-2018
WVA Position on Veterinary Statutory Body WVA 26-02-2018
WVA Declaration of Incheon on the Role of the Veterinary Profession in One Health and EcoHealth Initiatives 08-01-2018
WVA Factsheet on Working Equids AWWG 27-03-2017
WVA Factsheet on Food Animals during Transportation AWWG 27-03-2017
WVA position on veterinary para-professionals 16-03-2017
WVA policy on Day One Competences WVA 16-03-2017
WVA policy on Identifying a veterinarian 16-03-2017
FS on Owned and Unowned Free-Roaming Dogs 25-11-2016
The WVA Strategy 2015 – 2018 22-11-2016
WVA Position Statement In Opposition To International Scheduling Of Ketamine 01-09-2016
WVA Position on One Health 21-07-2016
WVA position regarding Dog-Mediated Rabies WVA 09-06-2016
WVA Policy Statement on the Control of Inappropriately Aggressive Dogs 14-03-2016
WVA Policy Statement on the Role of the Veterinarian in Animal Welfare 14-03-2016
Declaración de WVA sobre el Día Mundial contra la Rabia 28 de Setiembre del 2015 30-09-2015
WVA Statement for the World Rabies Day 2015 28-09-2015
WVA Policy Statements 2015 31-07-2015
WVA Conclusions from the Summit on Antimicrobials WVA 17-06-2013